Review: Pippa Palette


Hi ladies,

So those of you who don’t know blogger and model Pippa O’Connor has collaborated with Blank canvas cosmetics to launch her own palette which was launched back in July! 🙂 I’ve mentioned it a few times on my Facebook and Instagram so I said id do a full review!!

So first off for €34.99 your getting 6 matte eyeshadows, a highlighter, blusher and a bronzer/contour powder!! which Isn’t bad and its handy because its so compact and saves a lot of space in your make-up bag! The packaging is cardboard which you’d think will be weak and wear over time but at the moment its quiet sturdy but time will tell! But the pink and floral design on the packaging is so eye catching and girly which I personally love and It also comes with a good sized mirror which is always handy to have!! The names of the different shades have significant meaning to Pippa there names after loved ones and pets!

I mentioned on my Facebook and Instagram that I LOVE the highlighter ‘LULU’!! Its a shimmery gold and its so pretty!! the blush ‘PIPSY’ is a subtle peachy colour which I love! 


The eyeshadow’s are matte and have great pigment and minimum fall out. They are perfect for everyday wear if you were going for a light everyday smoky eye or neutral look! They range from a dark black to a light ivory shade.I personally love the shade ‘TOBI’ which is a warm peachy colour I like to blend it all over my lid if I was going for a neutral everyday look! ‘K.D’ is the darkest shade and is perfect to use to give that smoky eye! ‘DODO’ is a dark brown with a slight red undertone. ‘SUSU’ is a soft brown shade and is perfect for the crease of your eyelid for abit of depth! ‘OLLIE’ named after her son is a gorgeous beige colour and ‘LILY’ which is the lighest ivory shade, which is perfect for all over the lid and on the inner eye to give that brightening effect!


So overall I do love this palette, I think its so so handy! It is quiet steep in price but I do think you are getting your value for money! Its available on and also on! 🙂


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