Top 5 under €10!!

Nothing like picking up a bargain right? So I’ve put together a few of my favourite product which are super effective and super affordable 🙂

First up is my favourite everyday concealer ‘Wake me up’ from Rimmel! At just €6.99 its a steal!! 🙂 this is usually my go to everyday, Its real lightweight but still gives amazing coverage and it also is handy to highlight. I apply it under my eyes and blend it down to highlight the tops of my cheeks and I also apply it to conceal any spots or blemishes! This is definitely a must have for that price 🙂

Next up is the ‘Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water’! If your like me and have sensitive skin and when you use certain toners it starts to tingle, well with this one personally anyway this never happens!! there is no perfume and its so gentle on the skin! After I remove my make-up with cleanser I always use this to remove any excess make-up left and its in a 400ml bottle for only €6.79 and believe me it will last you ages!! And it can be got in most chemists and penneys!! 🙂

Next is The ‘NYX wonder pencil’ this is the most handy thing you’ll ever buy!! it has three uses, it can be used as a concealer to hide flaws and blemishes, can be used as a lip liner to prevent bleeding and fading and what I use it for mostly is for highlight either under my brows or to brighten my eyes! All that in one pencil for only €5.75 its a steal and can be got in Sam McCauley’s chemists!! 🙂

Next is another NYX product and its there Butter Glosses! Currently I’m loving the shade ‘Tiramisu’ Its kinda a nude colour and I love this for everyday wear, it has a vanilla smell and its not overly thick and its really moisturising! These can be go also from Sam McCauley’s chemist and there only €7!! 🙂

And lastly is a pressed powder I’ve been using for ages now to set my foundation its the ‘Rimmel stay matte pressed powder’ Its perfect to control that shiny look and its really light weight so it doesn’t really feel to heavy on the skin! And this works out at only €5.99 and can be got in most chemists!! 🙂

So there it is! They are genuinely all amazing bargains and definitely worth the purchase! 🙂 Any questions feel free to ask! 🙂

Much Love

Becka ❤


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