All about the brows..

Ever look back at old pictures and you just wonder where your eyebrows were?? They were literally non-exsistant!!  Now the bigger the brows the better to some people! I’m lucky my brows are quite thick but they do need filling in! There is so so many eyebrow products available now between wax, gel or powder, I’ve tried and tested so many so here is a few of my favourites…

Favourite Powder Product…

I think I’m more in love with this packaging but The Balm Brow Pow is such a handy, compact brow powder.They come in three shades, Blonde,light brown and dark brown, the shade I use is Dark brown, which suits me perfect, it has more of a creamy consistency, so it blends so so easy! €13.50

Favourite Gel Product…`

I’m obsessed with NYX Tame & Frame tinted brow pomade, there is 5 shades to choose from, the shade I use is Espresso. Some people say its a dupe of the popular Anastasia Dipbrow pomade, definitely need to get my hands on it and test it out!!  Its such a smooth formula, it literally glides on!! €7.75

Favourite Brow kits…

The Sleek Brow Kit and the Benefit Brow Zing kit are definitely my favourite kits and they are so similar, they both come with a wax for shaping and a powder for setting, lately I mix the wax and the powder and blend it through my brows for a natural look! They also come with a mini tweezers, an angled and a blending brush which is super handy!! They both work just as good in my opinion the only difference is the price the Sleek one works out at €10.99 and the Benefit one works out at €34!!

Benefit Brow Zing


Sleek Brow Kit


Favourite gel product…

My favourite is definitely the Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Styling Gel, there is four different shades, blonde, mid-brown, dark brown and a clear gel, I use the shade dark brown! It can be used on its own, but after I apply a wax or powder or both I like to just run this through my brows just to set it, it just keeps them in place throughout the day!! €5.49

Favourite applicator…

My all time favourite brush to apply most of these brow products is the Blank Canvas E30. Its a double ended brush, one side is an angled brush and the other is a spoolie,

So that’s pretty much it, let me know what you think and if you have any questions just ask on Facebook ‘Lipstick, Lace & Life’ or on my Snapchat ‘liplacelife’!!

Much Love

Becka xxx


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