Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette review

So if you didn’t know Urban Decay did their first celebrity collaboration with Gwen Stefani! They released an eyeshadow palette last December and with a few ‘subtle’ hints I kindly got it as a Christmas present!! Here is just a quick review…

First off the packaging is just wow!! I’m so obsessed with it! When you open it, it has a good sized mirror with a quote on the bottom ‘Magic’s in the makeup’, theres 15 shades, 12 new shades and 3 shades from the Urban Decay collection (skimp,stark & blackout). The shades range from light browns for a natural day look or dark browns/blacks for a smokey eye, also if your feeling more adventurous there’s a metallic pink, blue and gold to brighten up the eye look! There is also 4 shimmery shades gold/rose gold shades perfect to add to the inner corner of the eye. Gwen Stefani worked so close with urban decay when making this palette and the shades and packaging show this with Gwen’s quirky style all over it, including the names of the of the eyeshadows which are named after a song or aspect in her life.

My favourite shades is ‘BABY’, which is a gorgeous metallic rose colour, ‘PUNK’ which is a reddish/brown matte shade, ‘ZONE’ which is a medium brown matte shade, ‘STARK’ is a creamy matte shade which would be perfect as a base and lastly ‘STEADY’ which is a rose gold metallic shade.

 As soon as I got it on Christmas day I had to give it a go and I was so impressed!! The pigmentation, like all the Urban decay palettes was amazing and they blended so easy!! So if you like neutral eyeshadow’s but then sometimes like to be adventurous and add a bit of colour this is definitely the palette for you! It is quiet expensive at €46 but that only works out at just over €3 per eyeshadow!!

Also only last week, Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani released a blush palette, eyebrow palette, a selection of lipsticks and lipliners, which all look so amazing!! And my birthday is soon so I’ll just have to drop a few more subtle hints!!

Available from: Debenhams.ie

Overall rating: 9/10

Much love
Becka x


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