My favourite Blank Canvas brushes

No doubt about it I love trying new make-up brushes different brands, styles etc, but the one brand I’ve fallen in love with lately and my most used brushes are Blank Canvas. They are super affordable and they have become so popular in the last while! They have such such a big selection of brushes so here’s just a few of my favourites, I tried to narrow it down to 5 but just couldn’t :))


I was on the look out for a powder brush for so long, then I seen @tara_makeup  using the F16 on her Snapchat and I literally went and bought it straight away! Its quiet a big brush so its perfect for the entire face and the slightly tapered end is perfect for getting under the eyes to set concealer.

Blank Canvas F16


This is a multi purpose brush with synthetic fibres, I always use it for my foundation. I was never a huge fan of the stippling or flat foundation brushes, felt they didn’t blend in my foundation properly but they are definitely useful for other things. Its super soft and its just fab to blend in your foundation and helps give you the coverage you want.

Blank Canvas F24


This is also a multi purpose, synthetic fibre brush. Its quiet a dense brush and pointed which is handy for getting around the contours of the face. I use it for blending in my concealer especially under the eye because the shape is perfect for that area.

Blank Canvas F23


Featured this brush a while back  and my opinion still hasn’t changed!! The soft, dense, synthetic fibres makes it the perfect brush for blending in cream contour, concealer, highlight etc. Definitely a must have brush 😡

 Blank Canvas F22


I also featured this brush a while back, It soft and quiet a light brush with a tapered end. It can be used to apply powder highlight or contour. I always use it to apply my highlight with the light bristles it leaves a fab finish 😡

Blank Canvas F15


Blank canvas double ended brushes are literally the handiest EVER! I’m so obsessed. My favourite is the E40/E41, the E40 is a flat shader which is perfect for precise application of eyeshadow or if you want to pack on pigment and the E41 is a tapered blender, the tapered end is perfect for blending into the crease and under the eye.

 Blank Cavas E40/E41


This is a tiny little socket blending brush. Its super handy for adding definition to the eye socket and its perfect for blending out smaller areas of the eye.

Blank Canvas E10

All links to the brushes are beside the pictures, they can also be bought in sets all on so give them a browse!!

Much love

Rebecca xx


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