Review: Bellamianta tanning lotion

So last night I used the new Bellamianta tan! I usually prefer to use a mousse but said I would give the lotion a go.

I hate when a tan has a really strong unpleasant smell, is really sticky and destroys your clothes and there’s nothing worse than your tan wearing off horribly. Well this tan claims to dry in just 60 seconds, develop in 2-4 hours, transfer and water resistant, even wear off and have odour neutralising technology!! Sound promising?

Firstly the lotion is slightly thick and quiet dark, but considering that it was easy to blend! I applied just one layer and it did dry in pretty quick maybe not in 60 seconds but definitely dried in fast and it was it wasn’t sticky at all!!

It states it develops in 2-4 hours, but I do like a dark tan so I left it develop over night. One thing I hate is when the tan develops and I love the colour and then I have a shower and the majority of it washes off and it looks like there’s nothing!!  Anyone else hate this? :)) But after a shower it left a fab golden, natural tan I was super pleased!!

Arms before and after a shower

Legs before and after a shower

It states there is odour neutralising technology, but there is a slight tan smell, but its not bad at all compared to others, once I had a shower there was no tan smell so all was good!!

Update: I’ve been using it now for the last three weeks and I’m loving it!! I mostly leave it on over night, but sometimes I was it off after 4 hours and it still leaves a fab natural glow! I moisturise everyday using the Vaseline Spray Moisturiser and it wore off really even I was super impressed and its definitely up there with my favourite tans!!

Overall rating 10/10

I purchased mine in my local Pharmacy but you can also purchase it on Meaghers pharmacy for just under €20 🙂


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