Tanning Tips and Tricks


The key for an even tan is to remove dead skin cells and other impurities by exfoliating the day before. I usually use just a exfoliation glove, you can usually get them in most pharmacies for €2-3, or if I had alot of excess tan still on I would use a body scrub such as Cocoa Brown Tough stuff The most important areas to exfoliate are the elbows, knees, ankles and hands. Also to prevent your nails from staining, a little tip is just to apply a layer of clear nail varnish!


Everyone has different preferences of how they apply their tan. Some prefer to use plastic gloves or a mitt. I personally prefer to use a mitt and apply the tan in circular motions starting from the legs up. My favourite type of mitt is a double sided mitt, It prevents tan seeping through and leaving a dark tan stain down the side of your hand. Cocoa Brown and Sunkissed have double sided mitts in their tanning range.

Tanning the face 

I absolutely love when I have tan on my face. Its like having a base on your skin before you even start your makeup and when I’m not wearing make-up, it makes me look some bit human :)) I prefer to use a tinted moisturiser on my face, like Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze or  He-Shi have a gorgeous product called ‘Overnight Ageless Tanning Balm’ which is a gradual tan and contains ingredients which prevent premature ageing. I just find if I just use a regular tan on my face it seems to clog my pores and I break out but if I use a tinted moisturiser it just seems to suit me better and it looks more natural.

Tanning the hands

The best way I find to apply an even tan on my hands is to moisturise them first, then using a makeup brush (I prefer a stipple brush) and just blend it in to your hands. And don’t forget to bend your fingers and blend so its even. I find if I use my mitt to apply, it either comes out too dark or it doesn’t comes out even.


I usually apply an oil free moisturiser before I tan to the dry areas (elbows, knees, ankles and hands) and to maintain my tan and for it to wear off even, I moisturise everyday usually I use the Vaseline Spray Moisturiser . It so easy to use, dry’s in super quick and its not greasy and the Cocoa Radiant smells amazing!!


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