A little update…

So I’ve been pretty quiet the past few weeks on my blog, I’ve have loads going on so here’s just a quick update…

If you didn’t already know last summer I got diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, I wrote about it in a previous blog post here, and because I shared my bad news with you all I just had to share my good news!!

Two weeks ago I finally heard the two words I’ve wanted to hear the for so long ‘All clear‘!! Honestly I just cried all day, it was the best feeling EVER, nothing compares! It was literally like the biggest weight been lifted off my shoulders. Of course there had to be a few celebrations :))

I felt up to now my life was on pause and now I can finally get on with things! I also started working at Cahir house spa which is pretty exciting!! I will be available for makeup appointments for debs and other occasions (you can personal message me to book) 🙂

I’m also hoping to work on my blog alot more, honestly while I was sick this blog kept me going, I was able to write about topics I loved and meet some fantastic people!! I honestly just love it and the support I receive is amazing so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting things to come!!

Its also up and running a year and to say thanks to all my followers I’ll be doing a giveaway so stay tuned in the next few days 😉

Much love

Becka xxx


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