Review: Kinvara Cleansing Oil

2016-10-12_15-11-22For the past year Kinvara Cleansing Oil has been my favourite skincare product!! 😯 Its made with 100% plant oils with no paraben’s and no artificial colours or fragrances. And it smells amazing!! It lifts any heavy makeup , It’s literally the only product that works for me to can get all the stubborn makeup off and that includes Inglot gel liner 😆

The 100ml bottles used to be glass and yes I did have a bit of a disaster with! 😆 But now the bottles are a hard plastic! To use the product all you need is 1-2 pumps and massage it all over the entire face and use a hot facecloth to remove! And It is also meant to be good for men to use during shaving.


The quality of the ingredients are amazing, with a blend of pure oils. It works out at €22.95 a bottle and they claim you get 108 applications per bottle so you can get 3 months of cleansing!!


Who else is a fan??

Check out for more info!!

Much love

Rebecca xx


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