Uriage Bodycare review

Uriage is a skincare range based on thermal water, it is one of the leading dermo-cosmetic brands, all the products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (fancy word for a product that wont clog the pores). their paraben free, and they have minimum preservatives, so all their products are suitable for sensitive skin!!

They have a variety of different ranges for the face and body  including Xémose which is for dry/very dry skin, Bariderm for aggravated skin, Hyseac for combination/ oily skin and many others to suit all different skin conditions.

Xémose Lipid replenishing anti-irritation cream

I have quiet dry and sometimes irritated skin, so when I was sent the anti-irritation cream, I was hoping it would answer all my prayers to help!! First off  it was a pump bottle, and it was pretty stiff to use (but it also comes in a tub). And if I’m being honest the smell kind of reminded me of poly filler 😂 , BUT it did do its job. It soothed my itchy, irritated dry skin pretty much instantly. It dries in pretty fast, so there’s no sticky feeling, and soothed feeling was long lasting!!

Xémose cleansing soothing oil

I was also sent their soothing oil. Its Soap free, Fragrance free and also Hypoallergenic. You apply it to wet skin, rinse and then gently dry. It is meant to protect against dry skin, soothes itching and leave a protective film. The first time I used it I didn’t really notice any benefits, but it did feel lovely on the skin and  after a few goes and working together with  the Anti-irritation cream, I really  started to notice the irritation was reduced, and even my tan was lasting longer because my skin wasn’t as dry.



Would I recommend these products? Yes, if you have really dry/irritated skin and it needs a little TLC these two products working hand on hand will work perfectly and they wont irritate the skin!!

Until next time

Much Love

Rebecca xx


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